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Just as we’ve adjusted our marketing efforts to comply with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is upon us, as well as the Brazil General Data Protection Law (LGDP) and a slew of proposed new data privacy.

In the midst of deep acronym swirls, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. But you don’t have to be... since all privacy regulations share commonalities that you can address once and thereafter steadily steer the marketing ship through rough waters.

In this workshop I will help you create a framework for getting through this coming data privacy tsunami. No boring legal speak here, but a proven and practical approach that can guide your team to the right practices while allowing marketing innovation and creativity to reign.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Data privacy requirements you need to know: Even the 99 articles of GDPR can easily be combined into ten straight-forward categories. Kristina will give you the bottom line of what you should pay attention to across all current and proposed regulations
  • Roles and responsibilities for your data privacy policy: It’s easy to place data privacy regulations at the doorstep of marketing or IT. In reality, HR, compliance, procurement, finance, and other departments are also part of the solution. We’ll name the players and assign them responsibilities so you can build out partnerships when you get back to the office.
  • Bringing the framework to life: It is great to have a policy and procedures documented, but we want you to be successful in protecting your marketing organization against the constant waves of privacy regulations. We’ll step through the process for getting the framework embedded into the workplace in an actionable way.
  • Tips and tricks from the real world: We’ll discuss how other organizations are successfully addressing the data privacy waves and the common pitfalls that you can learn from others who have failed.

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This is a fun and engaging workshop that takes users on a bit of a journey around a topic that is usually hard to digest and explains how to break it down into a manageable process with realistic tasks. I use handouts with a checklist that asks users to reflect on their own organization, which quickly brings into focus their unique challenges and issues so that the rest of the workshop is personal for them. While we do discuss methodology, it is in the context of case studies and what works (and has been disastrous) in other organizations. Not only is this a learning opportunity, but an experience that inspires attendees to get back to their office and do something meaningful to enable digital operations.

This article I wrote for Brand Quarterly gives a nice breakdown of the 5-day agile process:
The breakdown of the workshop usually is as follows:

  1. Introduction: The case for agile digital policy development (10 minutes) a. Overview of traditional, extensive approach for enterprise digital policy development b. Advantages of the agile approach to policy & examples of success
  2. Individual exercise and discussion: What digital policy does your organization need? (15 minutes) a. Handout where we inventory and discuss digital policy b. Typical pitfalls (over defining policy, not enough policy, sweet spot)
  3. Group exercise: Let’s develop digital policy! (20 minutes)  a. In groups we work through roleplaying to define policy, overcome obstacles, reach consensus b. Participants are assigned perspective to represent in defining policy (marketing, UX/digital development, communications, IT, security & privacy, etc.)
  4. Discussion: Where are our gaps? (20 minutes) a. The policy written in the group needs to work in a policy ecosystem and not have overlap or haps with other policies b. Invite group leaders to share their policy and help identify gaps or where their policies intersect with another group’s policy c. Summarize gaps and where we could iterate on the policies to bring them to finalization
  5. Conclusion (10 minutes) a. With our policies developed, how do we extend them to the next level of policy? b. Review of the policy lifecycle for distributing and embedding policy into the organization (hint: it’s an agile approach!) c. Lessons to take back to the office

Please visit Agile2019 website for details.

Photo by Sharosh Rajasekher on Unsplash