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With options ranging from a day-long workshop to a four-week sprint, I can help bring clarity across your organization and its digital environments. I’ll work to rapidly customize a policy framework that frees you to fully leverage digital in service of your larger mission.

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Timeframe: One week

Policy Audit + Agile Policy Building

Like your digital development, your policy program can be launched and operationalized using agile principles. In about a week, I will help you find policy gaps, define an ownership model, and create baseline versions of your policies.

  1. I’ll start by reviewing your existing digital documentation to create a policies roadmap. What is missing and what may be outdated or no longer needed?
  2. Then, we’ll collaborate on reasonable priorities and outline who should participate in authoring policies to close any gaps. 
  3. Finally, I will partner with you and the policy authors to jumpstart the development process and get you to baseline versions of the recommended policies.
Deliverables:  Policy audit, Authoring roadmap, Baseline policies
Timeframe: 2-4 weeks

Policy Development

Rather than pull your resources from their core job responsibilities, consider outsourcing policy authoring, refinement, and implementation to me.

  • Working with your digital staff or legal team, I can help your organization draft policies, solicit staff feedback, and finalize a framework that fits your culture and business needs.
  • Not only will you get sound insight on topics ranging from legal and regulatory to marketing and technology, but you’ll be able to get policies in place faster and more efficiently by bringing in external expertise.
Deliverables:  Policy development, Socialization, Implementation
Timeframe: OnE day

Policy Jumpstart Workshop

A workshop is perfect for teams that just need some need hands-on, practical know-how to define and adopt policies on their own.
In a day-long workshop, I’ll work with your team to share my policy methodology and best practices. Together, we’ll work to :

  1. Determine which digital policies your organization needs
  2. Practice crafting policies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in your industry and countries of operation.
  3. Learn how to drive adoption into your organization so creativity can flourish without unnecessary risk
DELIVERABLES: tactical next steps for embedding policies in your organization, along with and achievable compliance goals.

Customized Engagements

Every business has unique needs. I’m happy to tailor an engagement to meet your requirements.
Get in touch to discuss how I can help you.

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