Why Digital Policies?

Digital Policy Primer

Capitalize on digital age opportunities and minimize risk to your business.

To understand the role of digital policies in your organization, think of a traffic light. When it goes out, drivers are left to make their own decisions about what to do.

Some creep tentatively through the intersection. Some stick close to the bumper ahead. Others just plow on through. That's a lot of uncertainty and risk. 

Without a clear, well-functioning set of digital policies to follow, your online specialists will have to make their own decisions about what, where, and how to create digital content.

They’ll be on their own and without rules, to make decisions where risk is a greater factor than ever. Your risk map is now global and likely subject to laws and regulations.

Your best, really your only, defense are digital policies that support your digital team and integrate into day-to-day online operations - on the web, social media, or in mobile apps.

To help you understand what it takes to develop a clear, comprehensive policy plan, I’ve broken down the  creation approach into five manageable days.

The 5-Day Digital Policy Action Plan

Get Started

Before starting, obtain:
Authority to develop policy
Mandate to develop policy
Access to leadership advocacy

Get It Done

Day 1:
Policy team prioritizes each issue from a risk vs. opportunity perspective, identifies actions steps and responsible parties.
Day 2-4:
Individual stakeholders create the policies they’ve been assigned and align with others on the policy team through daily check-in meetings.
Day 5:
Policy team integrates their work, assesses progress and identifies next steps, including policy rollout, implementation recommendations, and measurement.

Let's Work Together

You know your organization has a digital policy challenge, but you need a catalyst to facilitate and drive your 5-day action plan.