What I do


"I work with global 1000 brands as well as small and medium businesses, government agencies, and non-profits to determine risks to free the organization to leverage digital fully."


"A workshop is perfect for teams that need hands-on, practical know-how to define and adopt policies on their own."


"I am a champion for bringing all aspects of the organization together to create policy around the individual business’ digital goals, responsive to its unique priorities, and flexible for its future.”


“I speak on a range of digital policy topics and help audiences understand how to balance the risks and opportunities of digital for their organizations.”

Rather than pull your resources from their core job responsibilities, consider outsourcing policy gap identification, authoring, refinement, and implementation to me. Working with your digital staff, legal and compliance team, IT, and procurement, I can help your organization draft policies, solicit staff feedback, and finalize a framework that fits your culture and business needs.

Not only will you get sound insight on topics ranging from legal and regulatory to marketing and technology, but you’ll be able to get policies in place faster and more efficiently by bringing in external expertise.

Need to fast track your efforts? Like your digital development, your policy program can be launched and operationalized using agile principles. In about a week, I will help you find policy gaps, define an ownership model, and create baseline versions of your policies.


In a day-long workshop, I’ll work with your team to share my policy methodology and best practices. Together, we’ll work to determine which digital policies your organization needs, craft policies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in your industry and countries of operation, and learn how to drive adoption into your organization so creativity can flourish without unnecessary risk. After a day’s work, your team will have tactical next steps for embedding policies in your organization, along with achievable compliance goals.

GDPR, CCPA, LGDPR, or new data privacy regulations, causing your marketing team angst? Let's have a day-long workshop and define who in the organization needs to own which specific aspects of data privacy to comply with laws and operations where you operate. My proven methodology will get your team out of risk mode and back on track with freedom and creativity to harness digital opportunity.


Sometimes, you need a trusted partner who has the right digital policy chops and is only a phone call away to answer specific questionsor help validate your internal policy efforts. I’m that partner who picks up the phone, helps your team get over the hurdle, or takes a digital policy meeting to speed up organizational buy-in to sound digital practices. Together, we can define the right amount of advisory you need to achieve your objectives without crashing your budget.


If you would like me to speak at an event that you’re organizing, or if you are seeking media comment and insight on a digital policy topic, please get in touch.

The 5-Day Digital Policy Action Plan

Get Started

Before starting, obtain:
Authority to develop policy
Mandate to develop policy
Access to leadership advocacy

Get It Done

Day 1:
Policy team prioritizes each issue from a risk vs. opportunity perspective, identifies actions steps and responsible parties.
Day 2-4:
Individual stakeholders create the policies they’ve been assigned and align with others on the policy team through daily check-in meetings.
Day 5:
Policy team integrates their work, assesses progress and identifies next steps, including policy rollout, implementation recommendations, and measurement.

Let's Work Together

You know your organization has a digital policy challenge, but you need a catalyst to facilitate and drive your 5-day action plan.

Let’s work together.