Internet of Things (IoT) Security Framework: Simply an extension of your current policies

Details on the new security framework is available for industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Kristina Podnar
September 22, 2016

If it was a particularly slow day for you yesterday, you may have awoken to the news that a new security framework is available for industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

While the framework is a handy reference, it begs the question of what your organization is already doing (or not doing!) as far as safety, reliability, security, privacy, and resilience. All of these security aspects are ones you should already be tracking and considering for your digital policy and standards set. After all, do you not secure your websites and the servers on which they are hosted? Do you not think about disaster recovery and reliability of mobile applications and the data they collect?

The security framework constitutes news, more so because large players and sometime competitors have come together to collaborate — including Intel, Cisco, Fujitsu, and General Electric. As far as the security framework is concerned, these are considerations you should have in play for existing and emerging channels: web, social media, mobile applications, customer relationship management, email marketing, Interactive voice response (IVR), chatbots (smart and dumb) and of course, IoT. And if you don’t already have them expressed via digital policies and standards, use this as a gentle reminder to get started on that task!

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