AWE Nite Florence: Digital Rights in the Metaverse

Virtual event

Kristina Podnar
February 9, 2022

What is the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI)? What is the vision and mission of the XR Safety Initiative (XRSI)?
How important is it to protect your privacy, security and ethics in immersive environments (virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality)? Is all this still important in 2022?

How do you build safe and inclusive experiences so that XR stakeholders are able to make informed decisions?
What are the risks to cyber security, privacy and ethics?
Are digital rights human rights? Do we need a new definition of Human Rights for the Metaverse?

How will the Metaverse address child safety?
How can the privacy and safety of young users be regulated?
Will online platforms and large tech companies be able to control the privacy of the digital environments they create and host both individual users and entire social communities?
What is the power of digital politics in the Metaverse?
Is the Metaverse full of promises and dangers to guard against? Is it necessary to create legislation for the Metaverse?
What are the risks and opportunities that enable emerging technologies and how can we ensure they are encoded through digital policy?

AWE Nite Florence is a place for developers, creators, investors, founders, corporate decision makers and curious folk to come together to celebrate the activity and devote conviction around building an augmented reality (AR) hub in Florence.

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