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Email marketing and spam policy


Why it's needed:

This policy specifies how digital workers can effectively use email for marketing purposes, while remaining compliant with applicable laws/regulations, and avoiding reputational damage.

Key points:

  • A statement regarding how users can opt out of being contact-ed by your organization—even if they originally requested to be contacted—should be included in the terms of use on your web-site.
  • A plain language statement should be included in the footer of any email or text message you send to users.
  • It is advisable to use “confirmed opt-in” any time a user wants to engage in any sustained contact—for example, newsletters, notification of monthly song releases or updates on what the organization is doing. This opt-in mechanism allows you to validate that the person requesting the subscription is actually the owner or has access to the email being registered. Typically, you ask the user to click on a link that you email to the address they entered to confirm they’ve given their own email address and not mistyped it. Unless you receive that confirmation, you should send no more email to that address.

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