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For organizations with few formal policies or none, because they don’t qualify digital risks with opportunities.

These policies are for organizations that have been operating informally—either because they have so few employees, or because they’ve been working too hard on their core business to worry about any-thing else. Starter organizations can be startups, small or medium businesses or large enterprises that are just getting started in the digital-policy space.

Another situation I often see is where a business has sudden, explosive growth. Before they realize it, they’re a bigger business that still operates in a digitally immature way. And that won’t work forever because errors and issues will arise frequently, and some may be serious enough to shut down the business.

If your business is still flying by the seat of its pants, and you’re making it up as you go, grab a copy of The Power of Digital Policy. You’ll learn about some critical digital policy decisions you need to make right now to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.

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