NFTs and DIDs

Virtual event

Kristina Podnar
March 22, 2022

NFTs—Non-Fungible Tokens—have surged in interest and trading volume as they power an excited market for digital art. But beyond the headlines, the hype, and the scorn, what does this technology actually do? What does it do well? And when should we not use it?

Joining us for this timely discussion are Daniel Buchner, who recently joined Block as a Head of Decentralized identity, and Kristina Podnar whose digital policy expertise is valued by companies around the world. Sam Curren, Software Architect at Indico will moderate.

Moderator : Sam Curren, Software Architect at Indicio.tech

Guest speakers:

Daniel Buchner, Head of Decentralized Identity at Block
​​Daniel leads Decentralized Identity for Block. Prior to Block, he founded the Decentralized Identity program at Microsoft after spending his early career at Mozilla leading the Developer Ecosystem product group and various W3C Web standards efforts. He represents Block in the Decentralized Identity Foundation and is working with members of DIF and W3C to make decentralized identity a reality.

Kristina Podnar, Digital Policy Advisor, NativeTrust Consulting, LLC
Kristina Podnar is a digital policy innovator. For over two decades, she has worked with some of the most high-profile companies in the world and has helped them see policies as opportunities to free the organization from uncertainty, risk, and internal chaos. Kristina’s approach brings in marketing, human resources, IT, legal, compliance, security, procurement and business units to create digital policies and practices that comply with regulation. More importantly though, they unlock opportunity, strengthen the brand and liberate employees to drive innovation.

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