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End-user-generated content


Why it's needed:

For many marketers, user-generated content (or UGC) is a dream come true—and it’s not hard to understand why. One reason is obvious: Free content frees up time and dollars for other campaigns. An-other reason is its effectiveness: Done right, UGC does a better job of increasing brand engagement than traditional promotional activities.[5]
In addition, users are twice as likely to share UGC than content generated by a brand. Not to mention that UGC can significantly boost SEO.
While this sounds like a win-win situation, it can also be your worst nightmare—if you don’t do it right.

Key points:

  • Risks and opportunities of using UGC in your marketing efforts have been defined.
  • A documented approach is in place for when and how UGC will be leveraged by the organization.
  • A public-facing statement about UGC has been embedded in all digital channels, or if some channels are not addressed, we’ve recorded specific reasons for not doing so.

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