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Shareholder notifications and disclosures policy


Why it's needed:

This policy specifies whether and how such notifications should be made digitally (a requirement in some countries).
Any Expert-level organization (and any publicly traded organization, Expert or not) should already have a policy in place regarding forward-looking statements and investor clauses. Some jurisdictions require that forward-looking statements and investor clauses be published via an organization’s website (e.g., U.S., Belgium). So this policy should address where web-equivalent of a print version of the statements will be housed.

Key points:

  • Meet with the CFO and General Counsel (or attorney advising the company) to identify what information to post and where to post it.
  • Countries have different laws, so what you decide to do next will be unique to your company. For example, if your organization deals in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds,  closed-end funds, or specific registered unit investment trusts you can satisfy your obligation to deliver shareholder reports by posting content on-line. As of January 1, 2019, in the U.S. you are allowed to make disclosures publicly accessible on a website, but you must still mail investors a short form paper notice of the availability of such shareholder report. You will likely need to coordinate with workers outside of digital operations.

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