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Why it's needed:

We’ve already covered policy considerations related to where your data is stored. This policy addresses where live content is  hosted—e.g., where your website is.
If you feel inclined to merge the two policies, feel free to do so. I’ve been challenged by book collaborators on this issue more than several times—and held my ground as you can see! But hosting of a website is potentially quite different from storage and hosting of content. This policy prevents the possibility of hosting a service with a sub-par vendor, or of an employee standing up a server under their desk in the name of delivering a crucial micro campaign. Think it can’t happen? Just last year I accidentally tripped on a cord under my cli-ent’s desk. The site was down for 37 minutes!

Key points:

  • An audit of all organizational websites (including microsites and extranets), to ensure they are hosted in an environment and by a  provider that aligns with this digital policy.

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