Changes in IT organization series

Changes in
DIgital Policy

In the coming years, CIOs and their IT departments must become change agents, something that goes well beyond the ability to understand the potential of technology and to actually bring it to life. Here are my thoughts on making the transition.
Today’s CIO has a once-in-a-career opportunity to build an organization that can fulfill a very real need: that of in-house consultant. For many IT organizations, that won’t be easy, but no part of digital transformation is. For IT, it’s a complete change of mission, from one of control and gatekeeping to one of support and advice.
Redesigning the structure of the IT organization and the role it plays in the company is a huge job, and not something you can do on your own (or even with your own leadership team)! You’ll need help from allies throughout the company.
For all sorts of reasons -- some of them justified, some not -- IT has earned a reputation as the place where good ideas go to die. It's time to change that thinking!
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