Document digital policies.

You’ll also need to identify specific policy authors within the organization. They’ll be the ones actually writing digital policies around issues of:

  • Accessibility
  • Branding
  • Cookies and tracking
  • Copyright and protection;
        intellectual property and trademarks
  • Data breach notification
  • Data encryption and transfer;
        data localization
  • Data privacy, and protection
        of personally identifiable information and health information
  • Digital records management
  • Shareholder notification
  • Language and content
  • Anti-spam laws, including
        those for email marketing
  • Appropriate and prohibited
  • Digital rights management
  • Domain names, email addresses,
        and social media accounts
  • Online advertising and
  • Social media, both personal
        and corporate

Obviously, the digital policies your organization needs will depend on your industry, business sectors, location, and digital platforms.