Disseminate policies and ensure compliance.

Your employees want to do the right thing. Digital policies aren’t for policing them, but empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to create quality, compliant digital content. It’s not only an obligation, but also a strategic business practice to provide the education, training, and resources your staff need to integrate policies successfully into their day-to-day digital operations. 

It will be the job of the policy steward to:

  • Incorporate digital policy into the organization’s digital center of excellence, or in large multinational settings, maintain the digital policy center of excellence as a local market resource
  • Educate and mentor digital workers on policy topics, including the development of job tools
  • Measure compliance to digital policies
  • Remediate non-compliance caused by a lack of knowledge, effort, or desire

After all, the more your employees embrace and follow to your digital policies, the more effective those policies will be at protecting and propelling your organization.