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"Today we see very informed and demanding customers, who equate brands with experiences. That means that if the customer digital journey is a good one, the customer is willing to pay for the excellent experience, even when it comes at a premium. Conversely, if the customer digital journey is a poor one, it can quickly anger customers, lead to unfavorable reviews and social media shout outs, damage the brand and company financial performance." CMSWire

"In many ways, GDPR is forcing organizations to adopt sound governing practices that should already be in place. For example, naming an individual accountable for understanding business-wide data collection and management practices should be the norm and not a struggle." CMSWire

"Organizations that are serious about getting it right and ensuring they are aligning digital to the organization’s business objectives start by creating a sound digital governance framework" CMSWire

"This is not to say it is the Wild West for US digital marketers. The legal environment and compliance issues matter, for some companies more than others granted, but they do matter." CMSWire

“Just because you say governance to me 5 times in a sentence, won’t make me believe you have it!” Project Agency

“Policy is intended to create a framework for behavior that is aligned with the governing body of an organization. If you want people to read (and follow!) your policy—whether they be website visitors or employees working on digital content—you should keep it short and written in plain language. You should state the “what” and “why” within several sentences, or a paragraph at most. Your goal is to clearly and quickly explain to the reader the impact on them as a result of using the digital content (for the website visitor) or how they should behave in creating the digital content (for the digital worker). If you find it necessary to document additional details, such as the “how” to execute within the context of a policy, you should develop a companion operating procedure.”  Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design by Lisa Welchman